The Scope of Our Work

New Construction ⊕ Retrofit ⊕ Maintenance ⊕ Emergency

Orange County Ironworks

Industrial | Retrofit & Maintenance

Continuous Maintenance
Repair of power & equipment including broken receptacles, trouble shooting machines, welders and adding additional equipment when needed.

Lighting Retrofit
Complete change out of shop light fixtures from fluorescent to LED while not disrupting the workflow.

Communications Company in Orange County, NY

Commercial | New Construction & Maintenance

This project was built from the ground up. It is consisted of a 300,000 square foot office building along with state-of-the-art lighting and a 1megawatt full-building generator system allowing the building to stand alone during major power outages. Provide ongoing maintenance on the building since it was constructed.

Instrumentation Labs

Commercial | Industrial Lighting Retrofit

Retrofitting the plant lighting from obsolete Metal Halide and Fluorescent fixtures to new energy efficient LED lighting. As the areas become free we move in and change out the fixtures without disturbing the functions of the plant.

Frassetto Companies

Industrial | New Construction

Complete building fit up of a 60,000 square foot warehouse in Middletown NY. Installation of new underground service, lighting, panels and large industrial fans along with a complete fire alarm system.



Triseal International

Industrial | High Voltage

Changed out a 2500 KVA transformer. Coordinated with the Power Company to disconnect the old transformer and re-terminate the 13KV volt cable for a smooth transition. 



Commercial | New Construction & Remodeling

Provided commercial new construction and remodeling services including general distribution, lighting, standby generator, data center, fire alarm, access control and low voltage data systems.